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So you have to prepare a presentation, or even worse a perfect presentation and there is no time to prepare.  It helps, if you concentrate in what kind of story will you be telling, and understanding who your audience is.  It is even better to get acquainted with the data you have at hand. If you are able to make those numbers talk and back your story you have mastered the essential tools to overcome the most difficult part of the process.  But, there is always a but, time is not usually on your side, and the delivery of your presentation is something that you have always worried about. It is very important to understand that in the majority of the cases is not only what you are saying, but how you are saying it.  There’s no better way to get your message across than truly believing in the message you are delivering, but there’s also some hacks to help you through the process. Are you familiar with the venue where you will be giving the presentation? Are you making eye contact with your audience?  Where do your position your hands when you are talking to your target?

3 simple questions that could make or break the perfect pitch.

I have had to give several presentations throughout my career, and these three advices that were given to me have always made the process a lot simpler:

  1. If possible try to go to the venue where you are going to give the presentation before everyone.  Walk around the empty room, and get familiar with it. When it comes time to give your presentation, you will have a reassuring feeling of belonging.
  2. When you are in front of the crowd, pick a couple of people in the audience that are connecting with your message.  People that make you feel comfortable. If they are nodding in agreement, even better. Talk to them, look them in the eyes.  They will give you a boost of confidence.
  3. The position of the hands, has a lot to do with a Ted Talk on power dynamics that I heard a couple of years ago.  In the presentation, Amy Cuddy explains the ways your body language determines, not only how you are perceived, but the way you perceived yourself.  She recommends assuming a powerful posture, even if you are faking it. Like she mentions in the video: You fake it until you make it. It is a fascinating concept of how the body shapes our minds that you will truly enjoy if you take some minutes to click below:

So if you ever see me in front of a crowd trying to do a presentation, and you are wondering why am I standing like Superman.  Now you know why.


blue and red superman print tank top shirt
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