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As mobile relevance continues to grow when it comes to marketing products or individuals, it is common to start casting doubts on the future of Websites as we have known them.  Setting a Facebook page, or Linkedin account might suffice for the majority, but when it comes to branding, here’s some food for thought:

Picture mobile apps, and social media as if a city is investing to develop a new rail system, or even better a high speed rail system.  You, as a commuter, have become accustomed to use the train system to go to point A to point B, and know all the details of the line that takes you from home to work without having to think twice. Now, it’s summer and you want to explore new sights, break the routine, and need a vacation.  You want to use the monthly pass you have acquired to explore new routes and need to catch the new high speed rail that will take you to your new destination. Where do you go to catch the speed train? Most likely you will end up in Central Station.

Websites are like the Central Station of your brand, you may spend months without the need to visit it, but when you want to break the routine, let’s say you want to check a new TV schedule, engage more with the brand, launch a new product, explore a new scenario utilizing your subscription (changing an address, a credit card, a connection to a Smart TV, apply for a job in the brand you love so much), or let’s say that the user got lost and doesn’t know the way home (or the way to your brand), Central Station or the Website, better be there to guide them.  The proverb says that All roads lead to Rome, in this case all the train cars lead to Central Station, and in our new digital reality, our website should lead to all of our digital channels, and vice versa. The website should be the digital headquarters of our brands.



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