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When considering integrating marketing channels, Kotler Keller’s chapter 17 of Marketing Management mentioned the idea of Omnichannel marketing, and how companies are after this type of integration.

I couldn’t help to think of a recent interview I heard on the AdExchange Podcast about the challenges of measuring Omnichannels in the digital era.  The MRC (Media Rating Council) CEO, George Ivie explained a fascinating collaboration among advertisers, media, and other platforms, to standardize this measurements in order to get more accurate data on advertising viewers that use multiple devices, and are being target more than once in a determined period of time.  He called the initiative “De-Duplication”. The goal is “setting a standard for cross media measurement” that would aid the identification of Unique users, and not document repetitions across different media environments. It will also help them identify specific audience characteristics from these users, by implementing IDs to track them across all the different platforms they use.  Platforms, such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, and others, that nowadays operate like silos. If this standardization of measurements is successful, I imagine a huge botanical garden that contains all of the so-called “walled garden” platforms, with more accurate and useful data to reach consumers, and why not, benefit them in the process, once these users accept the new big document they have to sign when downloading the updated versions of these Apps.  

As George Ivie mentioned, television ratings are sold by targeted audience characteristics, when digital is based on gross impressions.  He called this standardization a “value proposition”

According to Ivie, the standardization project is still on a second draft, and will be presented by the end of the year 2018.  

Nobody mentioned in the interview if users want to be getting new ID trackers attached to the content they are consuming.  I guess this could be the price to pay for so much technology efficiency, and I am sure, the MRC and its collaborators will be able to take into consideration global regulations, and recent privacy mishaps, when preparing these new standards.

Remember all the companies that were fined, and privacy policy updates we had to accept, as users, when new regulations were implemented in the European Union, early in 2018?

I hope they all do.

Why? because people are concerned about their privacy, and regulators are starting to pay attention.  Nowadays, “click here” to accept the fact that our website uses cookies is no longer enough protection.

How about you?  Do you accept this cookie?


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Podcast here:

More on the MRC measurement standards:

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