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Before writing a script for a film or series, every creative writer with formal training understands the need to write a thorough backstory for all the characters that are involved in the plot.  For anyone that wants to jump into the action and excitement of writing the story, this process can seem cumbersome, but anybody that has actually taken the time to develop each character’s personality to the last detail, understand how it will be easier to establish connections.  This somehow tedious process, gives flow to the script, and makes it more cohesive. It is easier to know how one character will react to any given situation, and where should the story go, if this or that were to happen to anybody, in any specific setting.

I have come to observe the similarities between this background story, and the information gathering needed to develop successful plans, and Blitz in marketing.  If you have all the right tools, and understand every single detail of your company, brand, and objectives, the development of any project should flow naturally, just like the emotions of the characters interacting in a good movie script.  The company effort could be hard to orchestrate, just like the research needed for the development of a good background story, but it is only with this amount of knowledge that we are able to align the organization to assume the objectives as one task, and one territory.

STATUS: COMING SOON to a Marketing Department near you.

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