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Yes I am a Data Lie, but don’t despair.  With the right amount of oversight or preparedness you can be too.  I have a lot of digital subscriptions that continue to surprise me when they auto renew.  When I notice the money being deducted from my bank account, I just assume the loss, consider to enjoy the subscription for one more year after the damage is done, set my  calendar and promise myself to remember next year to cancel the subscription the day before the auto renewal. I never get to do it, and the cycle repeats year after year, hence the oversight, and the preparedness.  I usually set this annual subscriptions in automatic to save some money, and I often wonder if I should go back to a month to month subscription of services even if I have to pay a little bit more. Yes, I am a Data Lie, and might be the culprit of a lot of graphic medians that are being misinterpreted in marketing research.  Yes I am a Data Lie, and feel proud to be a very typical atypical customers. You are also a Data Lie, and you shouldn’t feel any guilt because of it. Artificial Intelligence might have a lot of difficulties analyzing what is wrong with us, and why are we stretching the graphic modes so much. We could all be data lies challenging the artificial intelligence of machines, and by doing so, we are saving a human being marketer’s job.  Yes, I am a Data Lie, and I’m also a job creator. Welcome your oversights, overspend money feeling that you are saving, and save a job today.


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