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Ah! The first post… It has been always easy for me to write first chapters when I have a clear idea, and know the resolution of my story. In order to try to find out the ending of this journey as a Marketing Leader, I thought it will be a good idea to use the Break-even formula to quantify and determine if my decision to join this Master’s program will be beneficial to my life in general.

First, I thought about writing on topics that I am considered an expert on, but I would venture to apply my knowledge in something I know little of… and that would be myself.

I needed the numbers in order to apply them into the Break-even formula.  I know more or less what my fixed cost could be, if I take into account the tuition, books, subscriptions, gas, and other types of expenses.  Having ironed out the Fixed Cost portion of the formula, I got stuck pretending to figure out in money, how much will I get out of this experience.  I thought of including the median salary of a marketing executive position as my contribution margin, thinking of the day I get the job I want, but then I realized that I was gaining more than money.  The kind of experience I would have, will be only possible to calculate once I’m no longer around.

I tried measuring the peace of mind I would have by not having to return to a newsroom to breathe tragedy and empty rhetoric, and that’s when I realized that maybe my contribution margin will be so positive that it becomes priceless.  When I noticed that I was becoming a MasterCard ad, I felt in the verge of a breakdown, and decided to stop trying to calculate a Break-even number for my decision to enroll in this program. I understood the importance to live, and enjoy the experience.

Besides, when I went back to my notes, I noticed that in the buying decision experience, I had already past the recognition, development formulation, and the exchange part of the fulfillment.  I still had to go through the benefits implied in the consumption phase, and realized that I had no right to even think about evaluating the transaction.

This is the first chapter of a lot of experiences to come, and best of all, for my own benefit,  I will know the process, and never get to know the end.


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