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When marketers start believing way too much in their numbers, they might oversee details, and produce unwanted consequences.  An A/B test with results that leave little room to chance might make you think that your designers have found the holy grail of banner ads, and that this magic formula will shoot your sales through the roof.  What happens if the banner is over-promising, and your landing page makes your potential customers feel scammed?. Any campaign can be genius at the top of the funnel, but if your A/B testing only focuses in the earlier section of the sale process, and clear communication of objectives are not reaching all levels, then your organization might have to work in a lot of damage control to overcome the image of being just another click and bait.

There is a clear understanding that whoever is writing the teases for any television production, can promise the moon and the earth before going to commercials.  There is also a clear understanding, that when we come back from the break, he better delivers what he promised. You can fool people once, but they won’t fall for the same scheme twice.

Marketers need to be in control of the entire process, and make sure that everyone in the organization is promising what they are able to deliver.  You can’t leave your business in the hands of your brand equity and its capacity to be forgiven.


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