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Why present Search Marketing as an antagonist to Email Marketing? I recently ran into an article on titled “Why search marketing matters in 2018”, where the author aims to present a very compelling perspective on why brands should consider Search in their marketing strategies, now more than ever.  When trying to sell the concept, and why we should attend the event they were promoting, the author uses the premise that Search marketing is the solution, because our Inbox saturation of emails is counterproductive.  In my perspective, these two strategies don’t have to be mutually exclusive, Email marketing is more than just a way to discover products and services. Each one of these digital marketing techniques play a different, and a complementary role in the buyer’s journey.  

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When we are presented with options to maintain our products or services relevant in our Inbound strategy, both forms of digital marketing need to be present in order to achieve our objectives successfully.  It is always important to remember that we always need to offer our audience whatever is most convenient for them, those details that benefit our customers will in the long run benefit our organization. When it comes to attracting new potential customers, Search Marketing is key, and when they intention is to convert those leads into customers, Email marketing plays a crucial role.  When it comes to marketing techniques, you don’t have to decide one over the other, you just have to understand what your objectives are, identify where in the buyer’s journey is your target, and design your solution.


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