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Imagine that you work in the marketing team of Crocs, and have partnered with pop star Post Malone to design your latest line of shoes.  The line is released and is sold out almost immediately. You appeal to Social Media marketing to apply the scarcity principle of marketing.  You post a picture of the celebrity posing, putting on the shoes, announcing that the Crocs are sold out, and invite people to sign up to get a notification to get updates on future releases.  


Source: Instagram @postmalone

Your post is successful, and all of a sudden the unexpected happens.  Pop star legend Madonna comments on your picture: “Omg I love those. How can i get some??”, and your scarcity marketing technique reaches another level of engagement.


Crocs jumps into the conversation: “@madonna QUEEN hi!,  DM us!”, and Instagram goes wild.


In social media you never know when your brand will have an opportunity to gain this kind of exposure.  Being able to seize the moment, and take the social media narrative to another level is priceless. Social Media Marketing needs to be taken seriously, and a team should be dedicated to handle it.  A multitasking marketing team might have missed this opportunity.

Don’t be cheap with your social media marketing strategy.  Allocate it in your budget, hire a team, and train them to produce these situations, or be in the outlook when they emerge out of the blue.