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-My Data can beat your creativity…

-No it can’t

-Well, maybe it does.   It may be hard to remember that Emojis entered the iPhone’s keyboard just in 2011, and in Androids, just two years after that.  Technology companies have been reacting to user trends so fast, and normalizing these functions in our mobile devices to please our habits in such a swift manner, that we as users hardly stop to think how we used to do things before.  Do you recall how irony used to go so wrong in a text message? Now, it is just a matter of adding an emoji with the tongue out, and voila!… Irony: Understood. Misinterpretation: Under Control.

Apps that integrate the function of other apps have existed for quite a while.  5 years ago, I remember creating a recipe in IFTTT where an automatic “On my Way!” SMS will be sent to my wife as soon as I left work.  IFTTT (If this then that) combined my geolocation and the messaging function of my phone to trigger this action (IF THIS My location changed  THEN THAT Send Message).   The recipes in this app were endless, and the collaboration of all the users to create better and better recipes made the app even more relevant in my device.

So, just like the adoption of the emojis, is no surprise that Apple was going to react to something as functional as IFTTT.  Their answer came in the iOS 12 update with the introduction of the SHORTCUTS app. Now users can mix and match functions in their telephones to create recipes.  

The one that caught my attention the most, was recently in the news.  One user created a Shortcut that will trigger several functions in their phone once he told Siri that he was being pulled over by the police.  Once he activated the recipe, the phone will automatically send a message to a family member, start recording, lower the screen intensity, etc.   

It is true that diversity fosters innovation in any company, but without a doubt, if there is something that could beat creative diversity in any innovation brainstorming session is being able to collect data on applicable functions of your product in real time.  The best way to tackle every user’s need is literally to have them participate in the development of your product with their own experiences and necessities.

-I told you my Data can beat your Creativity.

-Yeah, but you didn’t mention anything about open source data collection.

-Is there any other way to collect Data?