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Who says that Social Media is only play and no learning.  Lately, a couple of memes came to my attention and ignited the necessity to reclassify all my Social Media preconceptions.  Memes that teach about Marketing Research Analytics are the reason why.

The picture of a grocery store rack with diapers placed right next to male contraceptives had me thinking a lot about a lesson in Correlation Analysis, and the information that had to be distributed to the product placement employee in charge of the strategy.  Something like this may seem trivial to many, a good picture for a good laugh. But in my head, I could not get rid of the image of a smiling marketing researcher observing a correlation coefficient that indicated that yes! There is a strong, and negative relationship between the cost of diapers and the likelihood to have more babies in the near future.  “Genius! Whoever made the decision to place the condoms right next to the diapers is a genius” someone might say.


The product placement guy might pat himself on the back.  The Marketing Executive will receive all the praises for such a brilliant placement strategy, and in solitude… the Marketing Researcher will walk to the car after a long day of seeing numbers and excel sheets.  Go to the house, celebrate successes in silence with the family, and dream of another analysis, another correlation that will increase the sales of some other product with a simple placement approach.

Enter the second meme…