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The instructions are simple.  Dare to get out there, talk about your challenges, be open to talk about opportunities you may have missed, and opportunities you won’t want to miss again.  Stand in front of a group of people, and share something that you know. You may assume that it is not interesting, because you know the details in and out. You will be amazed how much people care and how engaging you can be, once you challenge yourself to be open, to be real, to act with empathy, and to truly care about somebody else’s life story.  The name of the game is your life, your career. The reward is to understand that you have the ability to develop a powerful mindset, get stronger, braver, happier, and be resilient. We are lucky to live in a world where the distribution of the message is just a click away. Use this power in a responsible manner. Apply it to your career, to your organization, to your life in general.  The instructions are simple, but you have to dare to play the game, and above all, you have to really care.

STATUS: The brand is human.  The market is everywhere. Happy Holidays!

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