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The line to go inside was absurdly long .  Everyone was dying to have access to the new exclusive nightclub in town.  I was always hesitant to go in, but always ended up convinced by a group of friends to make the line, and wait an hour or so to go in.  We had to endure the rudeness of the bouncers, and see some guests skipping the line through the VIP access. It always happened, once we had paid the cover price and walked into the club, the dance floor was almost empty.  Club owners apparently understand that it is better business for them, to keep more people outside until certain time of the night, in order to get the attention of possible customers in-market for a good night out. The long line was their best advertising.  Humans need meaning, and a sense of belonging. We want to have what we can’t, and want to be in the place where everybody is trying to go in. By applying the principle of scarcity, marketers persuade potential customers, and attract them to their products. A lot of brands, appeal to this sense of exclusivity by producing limited amount of products, and let the market do their magic.  Such is the case of street-wear fashion brand “Supreme”, whose products can be found in the aftermarket sometimes selling for more than 1000% of their original value, according to the article published by the BBC on February 2018.  

But the scarcity principle is not for everyone, some well-established brands might concentrate their efforts to milk the cow of the excitement and enjoy the ride while it lasts.  

That night in the nightclub, I probably left 30 minutes after going in.  The long line was a promise that was not consistent with the product they had to offer.  Its name was automatically attached to my negative emotions, not only to their product in particular but to the entire category.  I have decided since, to apply the scarcity principle in reverse. I have come to appreciate my experience, perception, and money as a very limited resource only reserved for those brands that truly show respect, and care for their customers.       


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