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It has been several months after moving to the new house and I was still opening boxes.  This time, I discovered a Christmas gift I gave to one of my daughters last year. It was a box almost full of miniature plastic dolls still waiting to be unwrapped.  My first reaction was to call my daughter to tell her the good news, but then I remember that they loved seeing other kids unwrapping toys in YouTube. Maybe she was saving them for later to unwrap them in a special occasion, or in front of a camera while doing a video herself.  

The companies producing these miniature dolls have discovered something in the psyche of human beings that adds proof to the mysterious ways where human beings find satisfaction.  This phenomena of unwrapping and unboxing things is not only appealing to kids, I have run into videos of grown ups opening high tech equipment and describing each step in the process. The surprise LOL dolls are design with 3 layers of plastic wrap and clues of what’s inside as you proceed to peel the layers off.  All the clues to discover that the dolls were not as important as the packaging itself were present, but it was only when I found the almost intact Christmas gift, when I discovered that the dolls were not the product. The entire experience was the product. The packaging is not an extension of the product, it is the product itself.  According, to an article in Motherly, experts correlate the obsession with  unboxing videos and activation of motivation and desire in the brain.

In HBO’s first episode of Crashing Season 3 (spoiler alert), comedian Pete Holmes is rejected after auditioning for one of the best comedy clubs in New York City.  The person rejecting him used a particular set of questions when explaining the reasons for the rejection. WHO ARE YOU? WHY ARE YOU? AND WHY NOW?

A full day had passed.  It started understanding the concept of packaging as the product itself, and after winding down, I was presented with a Personal Branding gift from the most unexpected place (HBO Comedy).  

While searching for clues on how to develop a strong personal branding, my resume could be the most amazing LOL doll of the collection, but if I don’t pack it and present it in a way that unwrapping my full potential triggers motivation and desire, defines who I am, why I am, and why my time is now, I could be left on the shelf waiting for a special occasion to be discovered.  I was glad to know that I was taking the right steps to make that special occasion happen. Don’t wait for it!


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Images from LOL Surprise website


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