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Would you like fries with that?

fried potatoes
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It is hard to think of a line a business that would not take advantage of Data Visualization to make their Data Analysis more digestible.  What’s the use of having the best data if you are not able to tell a story with it? Across industries, we have seen the rise of visualizations to combat content fatigue, and we all seem to be struggling to grab a little bit of our audiences attention.  

One aspect that is easy to overlook for those creating great ways to visualize data is creating easier ways to share this information.  

My Social Media feed was recently bombarded with an eye-popping quadrant prepared by the LA Times in an article where Lucas Kwan Peterson ranks Fast Food French Fries by taste and texture.  


LA Times: Fast food French fries, ranked. (Lucas Kwan Peterson / Stephen Lurvey)

I was drawn to the article immediately, but after reading the first two rankings, I decided to stop and concluded that the graphic was more powerful than the length of the article.  Nevertheless, I thought of sharing the visualization. I didn’t want to share the entire article, just the graphic. I was reading the article in my phone, and started looking for a button in their website where I could share this wonderful piece of snackable content.  I could have taken a screenshot, or wait until I sit in my desktop to download the picture in low resolution to my computer but that implied a lot of work. Just like this example of the LA times, editors, marketers, or any one with a story to tell must go beyond the daunting task of producing great ways to visualize data.  They must think of the actions that will be taken once your story is digested. Making this type of snackable digital content easy to share will take your story to the next level and might bring business (or subscribers in this case) from the most unexpected places. Visualizations are the perfect bait for attention. Keeping them behind a paywall might be a lost opportunity.  Once you have their interest, you could dare to ask: Would you like some fries with that?

STATUS:  You have the content, the stories to tell, the visuals to show it.  Stop hiding. Put yourself out there, show up, get your target to the door, only then you can ask:  Would you like some fries with that?

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