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Have Values Like Nobody’s Watching

Innovation, Disruption, Big Data, yeah, yeah… we all know the terms and the story.  The fact that everything is different now, doesn’t mean that change is something new and that machines have appeared all of a sudden to steal our identities, our integrity, and morality.  Some of you may have heard of Moore’s law and the threat of computing, AI and its accelerated exponentiality.  We may choose to fear complexity or singularity, we may fear an era where nothing will be private, and I understand.

I like practicality, and if my data is feeding a mysterious algorithm to facilitate what used to be tedious and complicated processes and choices, I have to admit that I’m liking the convenience and comfort.  I’m a scrupulous human being with nothing to hide. I don’t ignore governments that take advantage of technology to establish an oppressive system beyond their borders. I don’t applaud the Chinese government using Social Credit scores to ban travel to 23 million individuals.  I celebrate when horrible terrorist attacks are thwarted because an evil person got caught when using his computer at work to plan and search for compromising terms that alerted authorities.   I can understand why everyone fears surveillance, but I like to think about the positive outcomes that we will obtain once everything is transparent and measurable at all levels.  

We tend to fear change because we contemplate it from a static position.  When I think that the exponentiality of this computing advances will only get better and cheaper, I rejoice thinking that the lack of privacy we may fear now, will eventually transform into solutions and convenience for our society.  Access and transparency will be so affordable that governments, and everyone will be forced to act with integrity. The information will be available to all of us, at every moment and only “a click of a button” away. Either that, or the measurements of morality and integrity will be transformed to a point where everybody stops caring of being overexposed, just like contestants inside the Big Brother mansion that eventually forget that there are cameras and an audience witnessing their every move.  I prefer to remain optimistic while practicing marketing and marketing myself being observant of my good values, always aware that I’m leaving a digital footprint everywhere I go.

STATUS:  OK, I surrender, here’s all my Data.  Now, Can you at least leave me with some peace of mind?

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