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It’s Elementary, my dear reader!

An essential part that any Television Producer must play when developing their programs is to wear the hat of a brand architecture.  Thinking of the network as the main brand is important when it comes to adhering to brand identity, but the preparation of a clear brand charter for every new program, and the elaboration of a clear, defined and recurring series of segments is the key that will open new doors and opportunities for sponsorship.  Young producers tend to think in terms of creativity, and only focus on the editorial part of their role as communicators, and little do they stop to think about all the advantages and possibilities the sales team could have, if they treat their shows as brands within the main brand, and the segments within the shows as vertical brand extensions.  

This is what developing content is all about:  Being able to align these efforts, and having the support of a programming team that understands and pushes the message to the sales team will not only offer the opportunities to open new avenues of revenue, but will also allow for long lasting relationships with clients that would like to focus on a specific brand extension within the program, with the possibility of transforming a segment into a special or a standalone program.  Once the effort is put to develop programs and segments in a cohesive way that aligns with the main brand, the attitude should always be to move forward and never backwards. Sprinkle the network, the programs, and the segments with brand elements, such as colors, slogans, and catchy phrases that are unique for each brand and its extensions. Believe in the power of repetition, be consistent, and do not work on a silo. Communicate all the efforts you want to do, make sure management is aligned to your initiative, and make sure that the sales team believes in these opportunities and find the way for them to translate the opportunities you have created into possible leads.  If one of the key links in this chain is broken, all the effort would have gone to waste.

STATUS:  There is brand architecture in all of our professions, if you are in the media business or any type of business, being creative should mean having a brand vision and should not be a synonym with sloppiness.  Everything we do and touch has the potential of success if we are able to think of it in terms of brand identity and image. Being creative is part of shaping that magic that feels unique, and projecting that vision until we are able to identify the potential for loyalty and advocacy.  No matter how small your brand is.

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