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Eureka! We are a Customer Centric organization now…

When a boss mentions that the new vision of the organization is to implement a customer centric strategy, the work is barely starting once the internal email is sent to everyone.  Most likely, as the message trickles down the mission gets blurrier and blurrier, and the purpose of the change could eventually end up lost in translation.

Creating opportunities to open up the communication internally to understand what a customer centric organization really means is an instrumental part of the success of the new strategy.

One of the challenges is that silos don’t disappear all of a sudden, and structural changes need to occur to guarantee complete alignment.  Changes always find resistance, even when they are easily understood, just imagine when something is not obvious. Don’t assume that everyone understands the same lingo.  Take time to educate everyone in the organization at every level.

When implementing the customer centric strategy, another challenge people may encounter is linking the data and information.  A customer centric strategy feeds from data because it needs to understand the target and consumer experience clearly to make sure that we are helping them get the product or service we are selling, across all channels.

It’s easy to just throw big terms, here and there, but even the most perfect strategies fail if we ignore the effort needed to have everyone in your organization on board.

These are just some of the characteristics of an Omnichannel strategy, by the way.  I could have said that from the beginning but I didn’t want to assume that everyone understands the same lingo.

Not because you’ve been doing something for your customers for years means they have been at the center of the buying experience.  Educate your teams, understand the experiences your customers are having, be ready to adjust, and welcome this reality. Technology will continue to shape your business strategies, and the customer is at the center holding the steering wheel.  They will shape your success, if you invest the time to understand them.

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Photo by Júnior Ferreira on Unsplash


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