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So you want to explore a career change?

The key of being a marketer, or a great individual in general is to always ask yourself how to continuously improve your strategy, and be ready to realign for change… if you are familiar with this statement is because I wrote it in last week’s blog post title: Change is the word.

In a recent conversation with friends, we were discussing the perks that come with enrolling in a Master’s degree program, and some of the people where focusing on grad school or resuming their education to do a radical change in their lives.

I was surprised with the concept of envisioning grad school like the tool used in Men in Black to erase people’s memories, and start a new adventure.  I, on the other hand, insisted that grad school, or any form of education you decide to explore, builds on your skills, and that there is nothing more enriching than bringing your experience and background and combining it with new knowledge… That’s how I feel… Creativity, strategy and problem solving with added tools.

My personal recommendation is that this should be the main goal when embarking in any education journey. It’s the combination that makes you different.  It’s the added value you bring to the game that will make you stand out.

In a recent conversation I had with David Adelman, CEO and Founder of OCD Media, I asked him about the best advice he could give regarding career change.  His recommendation was to work on a transition, always with a foot in familiar territory.

Radical changes might feel nice when thinking about them, but celebrating your accomplishments, and throwing a new set of skills into what you can offer is ultimately what’s going to make you stand out.

David Adelman is an agent of change, and a true testament to what it takes to be successful, when you put your heart and mind, to explore what you truly love.

Here’s the entire interview…hoping it will enlighten you as much as it did to me.

Photo by Braden Collum on Unsplash

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