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While pondering on operational launch activities, and all the efforts required to properly track and measure (utilizing the principle of fractional attribution, as described in the the efforts in social media marketing or any marketing campaign, such as using different 1800 numbers to properly track direct mail campaigns, or create custom promotional codes to… Continue reading SUPPORT YOUR INDEPENDENT CONTENT PROVIDERS

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NETFLIX: You Take My Self… You Take My Self Control

Netflix price increase announcements are not something that I’m looking forward year after year.  As a customer, I want to be mad because of the price surge, but for some reason I’m not mad at them.  I’m mad at me for not reacting enough to the price changes. If there was such a thing as… Continue reading NETFLIX: You Take My Self… You Take My Self Control

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Instagram @jlp_prince When branded as Kitsch, some creatives may feel insulted.  Kitsch may be defined as something ordinary or with poor taste.  It could be said that something Kitsch lacks any artistic value, and that is something only destined to be used as decoration.  In the world of marketing, it is easy to kill initiatives… Continue reading CAN’T GET ENOUGH KITSCH