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Apple Music is my “Groundhog Day”

Yeah, I’ve been nudged, you’ve been nudged, we’ve all been nudged.   Once, I bought travelers insurance because it was the default option at check out and didn’t bother to uncheck the little box before confirming the purchase.  Never again. The other day my daughter downloaded a “free app” that had an “auto renew” default… Continue reading Apple Music is my “Groundhog Day”

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Hey Facebook, I know… It’s really hard to say I’m sorry

You probably don’t need to read the headlines of WhatsApp’s CoFounder telling a group of students at Stanford to delete their Facebook accounts, or read about executives abandoning Facebook over privacy issues to understand that the company is undergoing a period of changes.  And it’s easy to jump into the criticism wagon and complain retroactively.… Continue reading Hey Facebook, I know… It’s really hard to say I’m sorry

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Why I’m Disrupting Myself…

Back in the late 90’s, when I started working in Television as an intern, I looked and admired my colleagues interpreting the Nielsen ratings that were left on top of their desk the day after our programs aired.  A lot of little numbers and boxes that separated the Household shares, and simple demographics: men and… Continue reading Why I’m Disrupting Myself…

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NETFLIX: You Take My Self… You Take My Self Control

Netflix price increase announcements are not something that I’m looking forward year after year.  As a customer, I want to be mad because of the price surge, but for some reason I’m not mad at them.  I’m mad at me for not reacting enough to the price changes. If there was such a thing as… Continue reading NETFLIX: You Take My Self… You Take My Self Control

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There was a time before technology (yes, there was...) when media creatives, and programmers would try to program for the average because they were only a few channels that needed to appeal to a wide audience.  The solution was to produce average content for the average viewer (...but what was average?). Now that content is… Continue reading GRASP ALL, LOSE ALL