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Say my name, Say my name

When artist Prince, decided to change its stage name to a symbol that looked something like this: O(+>, the record label was forced to distribute computer disks containing the new font when sending press releases in order to have publications write about the release.  The symbol was unpronounceable, so radio stations, publications, and the audience… Continue reading Say my name, Say my name

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The case of the benevolent marketer

Source: When researching for a recent business case we had to analyze, I ran into something that I like to call the paradox of the digital marketing strategy.  The case in question was related to AirFrance, so I jumped into Google and typed the name of the airline in question to see what the… Continue reading The case of the benevolent marketer

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Would you like fries with that?

It is hard to think of a line a business that would not take advantage of Data Visualization to make their Data Analysis more digestible.  What’s the use of having the best data if you are not able to tell a story with it? Across industries, we have seen the rise of visualizations to combat… Continue reading Would you like fries with that?

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Why present Search Marketing as an antagonist to Email Marketing? I recently ran into an article on titled “Why search marketing matters in 2018”, where the author aims to present a very compelling perspective on why brands should consider Search in their marketing strategies, now more than ever.  When trying to sell the concept,… Continue reading ALL MARKETING MATTERS