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I grew up listening to Classic Rock.  Then came Grunge, Salsa, Indie Rock, and Electronica. Currently, I’m into Latin Alternative, Hip Hop and Musicals.  Spotify.me says I stream like a Traveler. I say that I stream like there is no tomorrow. I grew up watching Venezuelan soap operas, but now I’m obsessed with Westworld, and can’t catch up with all the Podcasts in my queue.

23andMe says that my ancestry composition is 40.4% Iberian/Portuguese.  I feel very much like a Latino that has assimilated the US culture. I haven’t been back to Venezuela for safety reasons, and my wife has given me Puerto Rico, as a new motherland for my longing.  

I’ve won 3 Emmys, one for each of my daughters.  My 20+ year career in the US television industry has given me expertise in the US Hispanic Market, Latin America and Mexico.  


I have passion for organizing content and finding connections between seemingly disparate occurrences.  

I practice my undergraduate in photography, write poetry and wrote one fictional coming of age book in Spanish. I’m studying a Master of Science in Marketing to expand my horizons.

In 1997, I worked for Univision’s Morning Show, then went to produce game shows and a comedy show.  I moved to Ecuador to develop the franchise of The Wheel of Fortune, consulted creatively for the weekly lottery show, and bought radio time to produce a variety program on Fridays.  The program had no success but was a memorable experience. I moved to Miami, and produced Late Night, Entertainment, and a Home Decor Show. This last one was a challenge, because I didn’t know the topic, and still manage to bring the ratings up, and was nominated for an Emmy.  

I went to produce two of the most respected Financial Programs in Latin America, after moving to Atlanta as the Senior Producer in CNN en Español.   My dedication, and curiosity was essential to successfully adjust to the rigorous standards of CNN.

9Z8A2803 (2)After a year, I became the only Executive Producer and Director of Content Development, managed a team larger than 20 employees, and produced more than 11 hours of daily content, and more than 3 hours on weekends, that reached more than 50 million households.  I partnered with the sales and marketing/research teams, and standardized new initiatives in order to monetize in TV and Digital.
I have learned the value of versatility and adjustability.  Listening from Classic Rock to Salsa to Musicals. Watching Soap Operas to Westworld.  Producing from Home Decor, Late Night, and Game Shows to Financial and Breaking News. I know how to reflect different cultures, topics and trends in everything I develop, mainly because I enjoy diversity to the core, I’m an enthusiast for research and new challenges.  I am able to bring this to any major organization with ease. I’m quick to absorb objectives and have been successful transforming ideas into action.  I’m imaginative, reliable, fair, humble, and lead by example.

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