Marketing Tools

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The following is a list of tools I have personally used during my marketing journey.

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Build your Customer Journey

Build your Buyer Persona

Where to find Data

Logo design

Finally, the best tip I ever received:

When trying to develop a project the best way to start is by working backwards, or working with the end in mind.  Establish a goal, and objective and build from there.

Thanks Prof.  Jackie Tanenbaum.

The second tip related to that, came from my wife:

One day we were driving by The Venetian Causeway, and she saw a beautiful house under construction, and asked me: Would you like to live in a house like that? And my answer was: Yeah!, but I don’t know if I can afford it.

Her reply has been with me since then, and it’s something that I’m trying to apply in everything I do and plan.  Noticing my negativity, she said, I asked if you would “like to live”, not “if we could afford it”.  I immediately recognized her intention to push through my negative pattern, corrected, and my answer change to: Yes! I would like to live there.

So if you have a big idea, and a big plan, don’t negotiate with yourself.  Draw it.  Envision what would your perfect plan look like, and then start working backwards… in a way, this is designing your life with the end in mind, and it will help you through the obstacles and excuses.