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Why I believe in Blockchain

I‘ve just started listening to Carbonite’s Breach podcast, as they are dedicating their second season to deconstruct the massive Equifax Data Breach scandal.  Earlier that day, I was devouring the story of 2020 Democratic primary presidential candidate, Elizabeth Warren, as she was revealing her plans to break up Facebook, Google, and Amazon.  

For a second, I was skeptic of my sudden obsession with online privacy, and thought that I was a victim of my own echo chamber.  But this was bigger than my “Walled Garden”, the stories about data and privacy are now part of political campaigns and elections, congress investigations, international regulations, mainstream media, alternative media, among others.  It’s everywhere.

As technology, and Artificial Intelligence continue to evolve and we continue to trade more privacy for more convenience, the topic will continue to own the spotlight as it dictates the way, we as a society will operate, do business, and continue to strive for innovation that will make our life’s more comfortable and less expensive.  The solution, I believe, is not in regulation. It is hard for me to imagine, that all these privacy and authentication issues are something that will keep these technology giants always on defense mode. It is obvious that this is not good for their business. With all the negative coverage, an urgent correction is on the horizon.

For example, Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, has been known as a heavy investor in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology.  In a recent interview at the Tales from the Crypt podcast, he mentioned, and I paraphrase, that Cryptocurrency, just as digital media is one of those natural reactions of the internet in search of sovereignty, and he wants to be part of making the transition happen.


And it is here, in the openness and transparency of a Blockchain platform, where privacy, authentication, and data breach scandals will find their demise.  The technology is here, and as it continues its evolution towards scalability, we will hear more and more of Cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum, and its Blockchain platform being in the center of all the disruption stories of antiquated systems.     

STATUS: So many privacy and data breach scandals… Can big technology companies “Machine Learn” their way out of them? They must be cooking something.

More information here:

Beyond the Breach: S2, E1: What convinced Bob & Alia:

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